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Bob D. – AA Speaker – “The Triumph of Recovery from Alcoholism” NEW 2017

One of the best AA speakers of all time shares his moving and powerful story of recovery a couple months ago. I do not know what it is about Bob, but every time, every talk, there is always something poignant and useful I get from his talks. It is absolutely amazing how he just draws […]

Doug R. – AA Speaker – Hilarious recovery share – “Hope and Laughter” NEW 2017

Doug is a VERY funny AA speaker with a great sense of humor. This share from earlier this year had me rolling with laughter a few times as Doug was telling his awesome stories. I absolutely LOVE messages that are both hilarious and have a powerful story of recovery! Doug has wonderful sobriety and has […]

Karl M., Clancy I., Peter M., Katie P. – AA Speakers – One of the BEST AA Workshops ever recorded!

This is a top notch lineup that includes many of the best AA speakers out there! This is an inspirational and powerful workshop and is sure to keep your attention for all eleven hours. Listed below are all the speakers in the order they appear. One of the cool things about this one is that […]

Polly P. – AA Speaker – “Emotional Sobriety and Inner Peace”

Polly P. is one of the best women AA speakers you will ever hear. In this share, the talks about emotional sobriety and how she was able to navigate trials and low spots in her early recovery, by thinking of others and taking action. Finding Usefulness I am they type of person who it is […]

Clancy I. – AA Speaker – “Alcoholism: A Disease of Perception”

Bob said, “If your problem is alcohol, you’re wasting your time going to AA. We can’t help people like you.” I asked him, “What is the problem then?” He said, “There’s an answer for people who use alcohol as if it is the answer.” I told him that I had quit drinking hundreds of times […]


Journey Through AA’s First Three Steps (Part One)

In this series, we are attempting to look at the illness of alcoholism and its nature, in the manner that the Big Book presents it.  I am going to highlight what I think are the important points of each step.  We are going to be looking at it from two different angles.  The first, is […]

Dealing with your emotions while in active sobriety

Emotional sobriety was by the far the hardest for me to manage. I had already surrendered to the drink and the drug. By the graces of my god I never struggled with accepting I was an alcoholic or a drug addict, I realized that years ago. I just did not know how to stay sober. […]

Navigating Relationships in Recovery

Relationships for the normal person are both amazing and amazingly difficult. Relationships for the addict/alcoholic, are pretty much impossible. Did you ever hear people say, “You can’t give love if you don’t have love yourself?” It’s true, you cannot give away what you haven’t got. Period. An addict/alcoholic just simply does not have any room […]


David H. – Big Book Study – Week 13 (Page 53 to Page 60)

This Big Book study is highly recommended, and stay tuned as David H. goes through page 53 and ends on page 60. Another installment packed with wisdom and experience, this week’s tape is incredible. Many meetings begin with a reading of “How it Works” and sometimes we hear it so often that it becomes something […]

David H. – Big Book Study – Week 12 (Page 48 to Page 53)

The EXCELLENT Big Book study continues with David H. sharing his wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and experience with the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. In this week’s installment, David is on the all important chapter of “We Agnostics” – this is an extremely important topic, and coming to a Power Greater Than Ourselves is one […]

David H. – Big Book Study – Week 11 (Page 42 to Page 48)

Wonderful continuation of this Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous study by David H. As he moves through the book, the power and inspiration are really taking their full effect. It is amazing how many people, having read the Big Book hundreds of times, are taken aback by new insights and experiences they have. This study […]

David H. – Big Book Study – Week 10 (Page 33 to Page 40)

David H. continues his incredible Big Book study in this week’s installment. He covers page 33 to 40 and shares his wisdom and experience in a profound way. This Big Book study is in depth and powerful, and helps with the all-important journey of taking the recovery material in to action. Once action occurs, a […]

David H. – Big Book Study – Week 9 (Page 30 to Page 33)

The incredible journey through the Big Book continues, highlighting the depth and weight of the text. David H. brings out the fullness and brilliance of the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous in this week 9 installment. So far, it has been so beneficial, and this Big Book Study is a great foundation for the program […]